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We have been working schools on Dartmoor (or nearby) since 2004, and we have focussed much or our work on just a few schools. This has allowed us to bring an annual creative project to small rural primary schools, often working with the same pupils as they work their way through the school. Most rural primary schools are so small that in general we work with the whole school on these special project.

The project vary in nature each year, but always use a professional artist, usually alongside an Education Officer from the National Park, or some other expert. In one project, for example, we worked with a cartographer to create a special map.

Sometimes the work we do with young people is part of a larger project, such as soundings, or focus on secondary schools, such as Speakup!


You can find out more about the projects here:

Granite Shadows || walk your ears! || Boundary || Mining Landscape || soundings || Drake's Trail || Immersion (current) || Speak up! (current)



None of this educational work would be possible without the generous support from funders, and we'd like to thank Arts Council England, West Devon Borough Council, Teignbridge District Council, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the Ragdoll Foundation, the Ernest Cook Trust, the Heritage Lottery Fund, and the Clore Duffield Foundation for their support of these projects, and of the educational work in particular.






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