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published books
AHA-010 triparks book Triparks: six artists in three national parks (book)The result of the triparks project in 2008. Artists Paul Grimmer, Karen Guthrie, Bridget Kennedy, Volkhardt Müller, Hugh Nankivell and Harald Smykla worked in Dartmoor, Exmoor, and Northumberland National Parks.
AHA-009 mining landscape book Mining Landscape (book with DVD). A film by Dartmoor-based artists Tanya and Paul Morel. Filmed in the Tamar Valley, this film came out of the Mining Landscape project.
Mining Landscape


Focus on Farmers: Art and Hill Farming (ed Jennie Hayes). A definitive record of the Focus on Farmers project, with essays by Lucy Lippard, Anthony Gibson, Jennie Hayes, Simon Timms, Phil Smith, and Richard Povall & Nancy Sinclair, and a foreword by Prof. Ian Mercer CBE. Published by Halsgrove in 2007.

" Francis Bacon long ago observed, “adversity doth best discover virtue” and I have no doubt that, over time, a younger, more dynamic, more entrepreneurial and more self-confident farming industry will emerge, that is more in tune with the times and with its customers. Yes, it will probably be smaller, but that need not mean that vast swathes of the countryside go to rack and ruin. Thanks to the various environmental schemes, the vast majority of Devon will continue to be managed, even if, for the time being at least, rather less of it is farmed." [from Anthony Gibson's essay, "Devon Farming – the challenge of change"]

Focus on Farmers
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other publications
AHA-011 soundings

Soundings (3 CDs) Radio programmes from three communities in rural Devon. Artists are Jennie Hayes & Kate Green, and Sue Palmer. From the award-winning soundings project.

'The three CDs recorded for Soundings make very moving listening.  At just under an hour each, they sensitively weave together the voices of young and old, responding to questions, recollecting stories, revealing concerns, voicing hopes and fears, laughing and singing.  They offer an intimate insight into aspects of the frailties and strengths of old age, and reflect what was clearly an enriching shared experience for all of those involved.'  Dartmoor Magazine December 2010. 


Dartmoor Changes (3-CD set). (project link)

Recordings of all of the ringable peals of bells on Dartmoor (with artists Richard Povall, Andrew Stevens and Hannah Standen).

"...A whole world is revealed here of a diverse sonorous, beautiful and ancient practice, methodical and mathematical, evocative and located. Thirty-two Dartmoor churches are included. Aune Head Arts are to be heartily congratulated for this remarkable project, which reaches to something vital in the long history of Dartmoor communities and their churches." Review by Tom Greeves, Dartmoor Magazine Spring 2006.

Dartmoor Changes
AHA-006 Farming Greenwell (2-CD set) Hannah Standen. Audio recordings with farmer Arnold Cole at Greenwell Farm. From the Focus on Farmers project.
Farming Greenwell

Farm Film and Greenwell Barn (DVD)

Two films by Tony Hill with sound by Hannah Standen, filmed at Greenwell Farm as part of the Focus on Farmers project.

Farm Film / Greenwell Barn

Frenchbeer Farm (DVD)

A DVD by sound artist Greg Wagstaff with additional material by Tania van Schalkwyck. Extensive sound recordings with the Malseed family at Frenchbeer Farm, from the Focus on Farmers project.

Frenchbeer Farm


Sounding Dartmoor (CD)

A collection of sound recordings from Dartmoor, nominated and/or recorded by local people. Supplies very limited.

Frenchbeer Farm

Lives & Landscapes (DVD) (project link)

AHA's first major project. Contains DVDs by first-time film-makers, edited by Sun Dog Media.

Dartmoor Lives & Landscapes








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