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Older AHA Projects not found elsewhere on the site

Big Dance on Dartmoor (2006) made in collaboration with BBC Radio Devon and Arts Council England.

Dartmoor Changes (2003-4) with Andy Stevens. A recording of all the ringable peals of bells on Dartmoor.

Dartmoor Insight (2001) with artist Suky Best, in collaboration with DA2.

Dartmoor Sensing (2002) a residential workshop and touring exhibition with 10 young artists from across the UK.


Dartmoor Profile. Local printmaker Joanna Radford developed a collaborative printmaking/bookmaking project entitled Dartmoor Profile. She brought people together to make a handmade artists' book based on participants’ perceptions of Dartmoor. The finished book, made in a limited edition of 24, is an extraordinary collection of prints by printmakers using a variety of techniques, and writing, both poetic and narrative. In order to make the book available to a wider audience, Richard Povall produced an interactive CD-Rom, which is still available from our shop.



Lives & Landscapes was led by Richard Povall and Nancy Sinclair, and was completed in November 2001. Over a year-long period in 2000/2001, a group of volunteers spent time documenting people and places - just ordinary people, talking about the Dartmoor they love, and the not-at-all ordinary places that make up Dartmoor. The backgrounds of the volunteers was as varied as the final content of the tape. A few were already experienced videomakers; others had never picked up a video camera before, and an important part of the project was to provide training in camera and interviewing skills. Lives & Landscapes was made possible through a generous grant from the Key Fund.

The project came to screeching halt when the moor closed due to Foot & Mouth Disease at the beginning of 2001, and when we came to re-commence the project in late July 2001, we had lost about half of our original participants. Those remaining persevered, and in September 2001the project hired Sundog Media (Stuart Moore and Kayla Parker) from Plymouth to come in and help the remaining teams edit their final videos, as well as sewing it all up into a single polished videotape. Their work was extraordinary (as was their workload!) and the finished tape was completed at the end of October 2001.

Copies of the finished piece are available from our shop, either on VHS video, or as a DVD.



The Monks Path is the colloquial name for a transmoor path from Buckland Monachorum to Buckfast Abbey, so named because it was routlinely used by monks travelling from one monastery to another at a time when the monsteries were enormously powerful land owners in this area. Lynda Reynold-Smith undertook extensive historical research into the Monks Way, and with Nancy Sinclair led a two-day walk in 2000.



AHA's first public event, the Newtakes Exhibition was mounted at the High Moorland Visitor Centre in Princetown in October 1999. It was seen by well in excess of 10,000 visitors, and represented artists from across the moor. Each participant was invited to represent Dartmoor and its meaning for them, using whatever materials or media they chose, in an 18-inch square space on the wall. In addition to the many wonderful entries, Willem Montagne designed a shadow puppet show that became a focus of the exhibition.



Creators - Family of the Moor was a project originated by photographer Shane Edgar, and made possible with support from the Millennium Festival’s Awards for All scheme. This project worked with local wicker sculptor Carol Whibley and participants to make man, woman, pony, sheep and cow. The creatures were then photographed by Shane Edgar, grazing in a number of places across Dartmoor, and the photographs exhibited in a number of venues, both on and off the moor. The scultpures were on display on the gardens at Buckland Abbey in 2002/3, and have now been retired!








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