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In addition to our Wednesday and Friday activities we often offer walks or have other social events.  Sometimes these are linked to a particular project, sometimes they are just an excuse to get outdoors and have fun.

We often like to use our walks as creative time, so they are usually relatively non-strenuous with lots of time for thinking or writing or drawing or listening.  Some do involve serious walking –– be sure to read each walk description.

From the end of May to the end of September, 2011, we're offering a programme of free walks to find out more about night creatures (those which appear at dawn or dusk) as well as creatures that live in some of Devon's special habitats.  They're included in the calendar and although they are free you do need to book (just find the event and click on the calendar on the left) in order to reserve a place.  These walks are part of the Flittermice & Hoots project, led by artist Elly Stevens.


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