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AUne Head

Aune Head is a place...

...on Dartmoor, where the wild and boggy beginnings of the River Aune (or Avon) entrance the intrepid walker. On first sight, bleak and isolated. With a closer look, full of diverse life and rich potential... it flows out to sea at Bantham...

It was an inspiration to create an organisation about rural place, and about being open.

OS Grid Reference SX649695

(it’s pronounced AWN in case you were wondering!)

Aune Head Arts makes art happen

We live and work in the southwest of England running artist-led projects and residencies in lots of places across the UK.

• commission artists to make new work in rural settings
• work closely with our local communities in and around Dartmoor
• work with people and place
• create social networks for creative people
• develop digital technology as a natural language
• develop arts practice, practitioners and leadership
• collaborate with individuals and groups across the UK

We believe...
• the arts are enriching for our health, our environment, our society and our selves
• everyone is capable of creative expression
• collaboration between contemporary artists and communities can produce work which is exciting, challenging and stimulating

We can...
• bring partnership expertise in creative production and management
• provide training and support for arts/creative media projects
• provide studio facilities (sound recording, video editing, photo editing and meeting and hotdesk space) in lovely rural south Devon
• create opportunities to meet and work with fellow creatives

We work with...
…artists, farmers, health workers, environmentalists, educationalists, community leaders, young people, older people, dancers, fun lovers, movers and shakers, friends, acquaintances, shop workers, land workers, milkers, tailors, media geeks, bookish freaks, workers, players, dragon slayers, enquirers, talkers, listeners, lookers, makers, virtual sharers, mates, strangers, paper pushers, chaos makers, out of breathers, deeply doubters… you.

ada's key

© Harald Smykla (from Triparks)


© Jennie Hayes (from Walk your Ears!)

sheep portrait

© Jennie Hayes (from Women in Farming)

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