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Speak Up! is a project exploring radio with young people in Devon and in Bolton, which took place between and 2010 and 2012.  We’ve been working with two fantastic radio projects: Soundart Radio 102.5fm, the licensed community radio station for Totnes and surrounding villages; and Diversity in Barrier Breaking Communications in Bolton (DBBC), the radio training organisation for young people and people of all ages.  Aune Head Arts has been executive producer of this project and the main project funder is the Paul Hamlyn Foundation (thank you!).

Working from an original idea for radio training by educator and radio producer, Kate Rudman (Sound Communities), AHA, Soundart Radio and DBBC devised and developed a project where young people are involved in every aspect of making radio: developing ideas, interviewing, communicating, marketing, production, technical management, research and the rest…

We have worked with over 200 young people in Devon and in Bolton, devising and producing sound work for radio.  In Devon, we’ve been working primarily with secondary schools on creative radio techniques.  Highlights have included a radio takeover week where young people took over the running of Soundart Radio 102.5fm.  In Bolton students have engaged in a comprehensive radio training course, covering everything from interviewing to health and safety, leading to an Ascentis qualification.

We’ve found in both strands of the project that working with radio is great for developing skills in speaking and listening, for enabling communication between young people and the wider community, for building confidence and for making sure all voices are heard.

You can access our learning materials suitable for schools here.

Follow the links below to hear the work that young people have made.

Binaural Dramas

Drama 1 – Bad Beginnings by South Dartmoor Community College

Hear more on their Schools Station – South Dartmoor Sound


Drama 2 – Cafe by King Edward VI Community College

Hear more on their Schools Station – KEVICC Radio


Drama 3 – Haunted Mansion by The Grove School

Hear more on their Schools Station – Grove Rad

School Map
by South Dartmoor School

Hear more on their Schools Station – South Dartmoor Sound

Broadcast (example)
by Paignton College

Hear more on their Schools Station – Piagnton Sound


Listen into Speak Up! on makewav.es (and if you’re a school, consider joining makewaves – its a great resource for radio!)

And if you’d like to read our evaluation report, written by Caroline Mitchell and Peter Lewis, its available here.

We’d like to thank all the schools involved in our project, and in particular the young people who have worked so hard.


Speak Up! is a partnership project led by Aune Head Arts, with Soundart Radio and DBBC.

The project is generously supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.  Further support has been made available by the Garfield Weston Foundation.


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