AHA Artists

Aune Head Arts commissions artists from all over the UK (and occasionally beyond) for our projects.

We’re constantly updating this, and there may be people we’ve forgotten to include. In which case send us a rude email…


Flittermice & Hoots (2011-12)

Elly Stevens, Tony Whitehead, (more to come)

Wordquest Devon (2010-12)

Charlie Henry, Paula Crutchlow, Fiona Benson (more to come)

Wordquestfm (2011 – )

Charlie Henry, Laurence Shelley, The Cockington Complex (Tony Lidington, Hugh Nankivell, Phil Smith), Mark Beeson, Susannah Lash, John Hall, Sue Palmer, Jennie Hayes, Kate Green, Lawrence Sail, Roselle Angwin, Clare George, Dani Redd, Graham Burchell, Janet Shartp, Sara Hurley, Susannah Lash, Douglas Young, Erica Loram, James Paxman, Laurence Shelley, Lunar Hine, Peter Villiers, Phil De Burlet, Mark Drummond, Andy Brown (and more to come…)

tuningworlds (2011-13)

Hugh Nankivell, Richard Povall (and more to come)

Speakup! (2010-12)

Nell Harrison, Lucinda Guy, Kate Rudman, Tony Walker, Chris Booth

Boundary (2009)

Willem Montagne, Martin Prothero

soundings (2009-10)

Jennie Hayes, Kate Green, Sue Palmer

Mining Landscape (2009)

Tanya Morel, Paul Morel, Martin Prothero, Laura Smith

Triparks (2008-10)

Paul Grimmer, Karen Guthrie, Bridget Kennedy, Volkhardt Müller, Hugh Nankivell, Richard Povall, Harald Smykla

Walk your ears! (2007)

Hano Koch (Latitude Cartography), Willem Montagne, Martin Prothero, Vicky Smith

Focus on Farmers (book) (2007)

Jennie Hayes, Lucy Lippard, Simon Ryder, Phil Smith

Women in Farming (2005-8)

Mary Bartlett, Louise Evans, Tot Foster, Jennie Hayes, Penny Klepuszewska, Anthea Nicholson, Maddy Pethick, Richard Povall

Dartmoor Changes (2004-5)

Hannah Standen, Andrew Stevens, Marcus Vergette, Jonnie Williams

Focus on Farmers (2003-5)

Tessa Bunney, Louise Cottey, Beth Hamer, Tony Hill, Richard Povall, Hannah Standen, Tania Van Schlkwyck, Kirsty Waterworth

Dartmoor Sensing (2002)

Carol Ballenger, David Berridge, Matthew Board, Emma Bush, John Curno, Chris Gravellis, Jocasta Lucas (in memoriam), Alice Messham, Richard Povall, Clare Seal, Catherine Simmonds, Duncan Speakman

Sounding Dartmoor (2001)

Sue Capey, John Levack Drever, Andrew Stevens

Dartmoor Profile (2001)

Sue Deakin, Joanna Radford

ENCAT Walk on Dartmoor (2001)

Ralph Hoyte

Dartmoor Lives & Landscape (2000-1)

Chris Adams, Susannah Lash, Stuart Moore, Atila Mustafa, Kayla Parker, Richard Povall, Hilary Townsend, Jeremy Van Reimsdyke, Robin Whenary

The Monk’s Path (2000)

Jackie Parsons

Creators, Family of the Moor (2000)

Shane Edgar, Jackie Parsons, Carol Whibley

Newtakes (1999)

Cea Blythe, Susannah Lash, Willem Montagne, Jackie Parsons, Joanna Radford, Jeremy Van Reimsdyke



Aune Head Arts

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Aune Head Arts is now closed. This website is being maintained as an archive site only. We'd like to say a big big thank you to everyone who was part of our work since 1997.


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