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Aune Head Arts has been making creative projects in and about rural England for more than sixteen years, with a particular focus on Dartmoor and the Southwest. During that time we have worked with artists and communities across the UK as well as working within the worlds of broadcast radio and the internet.

We are tremendously grateful to all the communities, supporters and funders who have supported our work, and of course to all the individuals and organisations who became involved in one of our wide range of projects.

These are challenging times, particularly for the arts and charitable sectors. We find ourselves in the position that we can no longer obtain sufficient financial support for our work; as a result we are unable to continue to maintain the level of excellence we demand.  The unprecedented squeeze on the public purse has meant far greater competition for funding from private sources, many of whom are now choosing to support causes other than the arts.

At their meeting on May 2, the Trustees very regretfully resolved unanimously to close the organisation.  As of June 30 2013 Aune Head Arts ceased trading.

The website will continue, still reachable at www.auneheadarts.org.uk. Although it will no longer be updated, the archive of projects will remain accessible.

We’re delighted that the Eva Radio project is now continuing under its own steam with a fantastic team of volunteer producers, and AHA Radio continues under a new guise with Richard Povall in the presenter’s chair.  The show will be called Richard Povall’s Emporium of Sound and launches on July 4, 2013.  These programmes can be heard at 11am and 10am each Thursday on Soundart Radio 102.5fm respectively; Eva Radio broadcasts can be heard again at www.eva-radio.net, and the Emporium of Sound can be visited at www.emporiumofsound.com



You can read a more detailed statement for friends and family of AHA.

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Aune Head Arts is now closed. This website is being maintained as an archive site only. We'd like to say a big big thank you to everyone who was part of our work since 1997.


please email richard AT richardpovall.net

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