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The EVA Radio Team will be talking about (former…) Devon industries again this week, in particular Tuckenhay Mill and the creation of hand-made rag paper for use in fine printing and publishing (and for use in banknotes).  Michael will be looking into the rituals and celebrations surrounding Lent and Easter.  And there will be a discussion about the past 11+ months of EVA Radio:   from the formation of the group, to the development of the programme, to the difference it has made to the lives of those who have been involved.

To learn a bit more about Tuckenhay Mill this website may be a useful start; it also contains links to other sites.  Go here for more information about AHA’s EVA Project.

Listen live on-air at 102.5fm (Dartington/Totnes area) or on-line at Soundart Radio between 1100 and 1200.  All previous shows are downloadable here as podcasts.

Enjoy listening to one of the UK’s most eclectic, informative and fun radio programmes again this week — and every Thursday from 1100 to 1200.

Richard and Michael with Caroline in the background.  © Ralph Whitehead, 2012.


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