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Due to the timing of the Easter Holiday there is no First Friday in April this year.  However, the May First Friday (May 3) will make up for the loss with a talk by guest artist Hilary Burns.

Hilary makes baskets, but explains:  “Being a basketmaker was not something that I’d planned for myself (I initially wanted to make sculpture and afterwards worked as a fabric weaver).”.   She’ll talk about what it is about the craft that keeps her doing it.   Hilary will also be talking about the materials of basketmaking and those she uses:  “…over time I’ve become more interested in growing and harvesting and the issues makers face with pressure on land and resources — also about skills that are disappearing, how to incorporate them into contemporary practice and ensure they don’t disappear.  This is also often the inspiration for my work.”.

She’ll also be talking about: “… Basketry and Beyond, the organisation Geraldine Jones and I set up in 2002, work we’ve done together and how it has led to the festival we are holding at Dartington in May.”.   Geraldine is planning to join Hilary for this section of the talk.  Both of them are working in Studio 20 (Dartington Space) the week of April 29, during their collaborative Weaving Space residency which will also include other makers.

AHA has scheduled Hilary’s talk to coincide with the 2013 Basketry and Beyond Festival which will be taking place on the Dartington Estate during the month of May and which has many aspects:  exhibitions, residencies, talks and a weekend festival event.  Hilary, and Basketry and Beyond, are the organisers of the event; further details can be found here.

AHA First Fridays take place from 1230 to 1430.  They’re free, all are welcome.  Please bring a bit of food to share.

If you’re planning to come please email Nancy — unanticipated participants also welcome.


Image below:  Catalan Carapaces made for Carpe Diem at The Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

Image of some of Hilary's baskets









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