Last Chance for Quiet Walk #2

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Time is running out to book your place on Sunday’s Quiet Walk #2 with sound artist Tony Whitehead.  

Sunday, 24 March, 0530 to 0900, Newbridge, Dartmoor.

While participation in this walk requires a rather hefty commitment in terms of setting one’s alarm clock very very early — it will be worth it — Tony and Dartmoor will both have failed if you don’t finish the walk being incredibly glad you made the effort!

It’s spring and on Dartmoor (and, well, most everywhere else, too…) that means the Dawn Chorus is well underway, rehearsals are being completed and the full orchestra of song birds is ready to perform for your early morning pleasure (and, of course, on their part in order to ‘get the girls‘…).

While this is a ‘Quiet’ Walk one thing that can be guaranteed is that it won’t be silent!  The song birds will be accompanied by the sounds of their less musical avian brethren, along with Dartmoor’s population of creatures of all sizes, shapes and voices — not to mention the whispering of branches and myriad notes of the River Dart.  Tony, an expert on birds and their songs and calls will provide information and opportunities for group discussion in-between sessions of silent listening.

Numbers are limited and bookings close on Friday 22nd at 3pm.  For more information and to book a place go here, or email Nancy.   When you book you will receive specific info on the meeting location and suggestions for what to wear/bring on the day.


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