Quiet Walk #001

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Quiet Walk #001 with Tony Whitehead

Sunday, 24 February , 1700 to 2000, Bellever Forest

Tony Whitehead, a very dear friend to AHA, has developed some Quiet Walks for AHA this spring.  (We hope they will continue from time to time throughout the year.)

Tony describes the walks as follows:  A quiet walk invites participants to listen.  To listen in detail.  To find a place far from the crowd.  A place where small things can be heard.  A place where you can hear your own footsteps.  A place where you can follow the sound a falling leaf.  A place where other voices sing.  We will not walk in silence.  We will simply walk quietly and share whatever we hear.

Meet at the Bellever Forestry Commission car park beside the East Dart River, near the Bellever Youth Hostel.  From there we will wander through the forest up to Bellever Tor.  We will walk out as dusk falls, and back in the dark.  To book your place email nancy@auneheadarts.org.uk  — advance booking necessary as there are limited places on the walk.  Full details and directions on booking.

Tony Whitehead is a sound artist who lives and works in Devon.  He has worked on a variety of sound related projects for over a decade. He also runs Very Quiet Records, a small run label that releases recordings of quiet places provided by sound artists and field recordists from around the world.

Go here for a separate listing about the Walk on Tony’s website.

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