Family Walk on Flete Estate

Lunch by River Erme Nov 2012 for Post

Saturday 13, October, 2012

Artist Shelley Castle is leading a walk for everyone, including families, on part of the Flete Estate near Ermington.  Starting at Brownstone Farm the walk includes pastures, wetlands, riverbanks and an old carriageway.

Meet at Brownstone Farm at 10:30am.  The walk continues until 12:30ish and includes a break for a quick drink (supplied by Shelley, feel free to bring extra bits along) and a silent moment.

After the walk (12:30pm+)  participants will gather back at Shelley’s studio for a hot drink and short workshops around gathered objects which have caught our eye during the walk.  The day will end about 1:30 when everyone heads off home, or wherever, for lunch.

Open to anyone aged 5 and over.

Places must be reserved in advance, which can be done here.  More information, go here.

Suggested donation:  £10

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