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AHA Radio today

AHA Radio Logo

This week’s AHA Radio goes out on Soundart Radio 102.5 at 10am, followed by the latest Eva Radio broadcast at 11.  You can also listen live at  Who knows what’s in store…

Now available for purchase


The Wordquest Devon project has published “A Devon Anthology” and it is now available in a limited edition.

A Devon Anthology is a collection of new writings from the Wordquest Devon project from commissioned authors, young poetry competition winners and people who may have stumble upon a book in progress and added a sentence.  Copies have been distributed to all libraries in Devon and will be available at your local library soon.

Get yours now before they …

Invitation to submit…

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If you’d like to send us some material for inclusion in a forthcoming AHA Radio programme, please send it to  The only rules are that it should include some element of work reflecting place, and we are happy if it includes an element of spoken word (although neither are absolutely mandatory, just more likely to get it included in a future programme).

Like most broadcasters, we are not in a position to pay you for your submissions, but we will …

AHA radio launch today

AHA Radio Logo

The first episode of AHA Radio is now available here.

SOON you will also be able to subscribe FREE to the podcast series on the iTunes Store.



Salami Slicing the Devon Landscape…


a Wordquest Devon commissison

SALAMI-SLICING THE INTERNAL LANDSCAPE  (or: from Salcombe to Dartmouth on the SW Coastpath) is a long declamatory walk-poem for two voices (male and female). One is that of The Wandering Man (Ralph Hoyte), and the female voice is that of The Green Sea Witch’s, who joined Ralph on the walk.

In the poem, as in much of Ralph’s work nowadays, he attempts to compress ‘words’ until, like a hypernova, they collapse under their own weight, or, as with …

AHA Radio is coming…


After 45 glorious episodes  wordquestfm has retired.  It’s till not too late to subscribe by going to the iTunes store and searching for ‘wordquestfm’ (or clicking here) – you’ll need an AppleID to do this, but it’s completely free; or listen directly by going to the Wordquest Devon website). But all is not lost, faithful listeners.  Starting this week, AHA Radio will broadcast live on SounDart Radio 102.5fm if you’re living in the Costa-free Totnes and Dartington area; anywhere else you can listen online …

Cool presents!


We’re offering three very different workshops that you can buy as a Christmas present for someone special.  We’re offering them at a fabulous price, too:  just £45 instead of our usual £95.  AND we’ll send you a lovely card with a blank back for you to give as your gift.  How could you possibly resist…?

Find out more here









Don’t forget to listen…


…to Wordquestfm tomorrow (Thursday) at 10am on SounDart Radio 102.5fm if you’re in Narnia (no, sorry, that’s Totnes).  You can also listen online at OR you can listen online at any time, or  subscribe to the podcast (it’s FREE) and get updates automatically.

This will be pretty much your last chance to listen in live to a Wordquestfm programme as this long-running series is coming to an end.  However, in November we will launch AHA RADIO.  Pretty …

Thursday, 11 October

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Listen to Programme 11 of EVA Radio broadcast live at 102.5fm in the Dartington/Totnes area from 11:00am to 12:00 noon this Thursday.  You can listen live on-line at Soundart Radio here.  Podcasts of all past EVA programmes can be downloaded free, here.

Walking at Flete on Saturday?

Logo Walking with AHA

Then you’ll want to know the name of the farm for the meeting location is actually BROWNSWELL, in the original post and in today’s ‘of interest’ the name of the farm was close, but, well, wrong…  the location of the farm and all other details are accurate!

Go here for more info and to book places (you must book in advance).

Lunch during a …

Aune Head Arts

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Aune Head Arts is now closed. This website is being maintained as an archive site only. We'd like to say a big big thank you to everyone who was part of our work since 1997.


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